Baby wraps: Muslin or jersey? And why buy one?

Ever wondered what the is difference between a muslin baby wrap and a jersey one? And which one to buy for your own baby or as a gift? And why buy one in the first place?

First, let's start with why buy one in the first place.

Baby wraps or swaddles have so many different uses, from swaddling to covering up your baby, to using as a floor mat.

  • Swaddling: Parents and carers have been swaddling babies for hundreds of years. Wrapping them tightly can help them sleep better. They won't startle themselves with their hands and it helps prevent them from scratching their face. 

  • Muslin wraps are made from a lightweight, breathable cotton or bamboo. It's ideal for warmer weather. They are ideal to use as a cover over the pram or baby carrier, and as a cover if the mum prefers while breastfeeding.

  • Jersey Wraps have more stretch in the fabric and can be easier to use as a swaddle. They are thicker than the muslin wraps and therefore warmer. Jersey wraps can be used as a lightweight blanket in the summer months. Pop it on the ground when you're at the park or in the garden to use as a portable play mat.

Baby wraps, both muslin and jersey, make the perfect newborn baby gift of Baby Shower present. They are so versatile and come in a huge variety of colours and patterns.

At The Enchanted Child, we offer organic cotton wraps from several different popular Australian designers. They can be given on their own or matched with a soft toy by Jellycat or an outfit to make that perfect baby gift.

If you have any questions about baby wraps, their uses and, if you're putting together a gift, what items would go best with them, reach out via the Contact Page and I'll get back to you during shop hours.

Julie x

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